Guitar Bottle Opener

Add a touch of rock-and-roll style to your bar by opening beverages with this guitar bottle opener by Arthur Court. Designed with long-term durability in mind, this unique tool boasts an attractive hand-polished aluminum build, which imbues a silvery luster that showcases every fine detail of this quality piece. Equally well-suited for gifting to your favorite musician or fan and squirreling away for personal use on special occasions, this 2-inch x 6-inch bottle opener comes in a gift box for easy wrapping or storage when not in use. When this tool needs a quick refresh, just hand wash it with mild dish soap and dry it off immediately to ensure it retains its beauty and brilliance for years to come.

Clearly-defined strings run from the instrument's neck, where it attaches to the opener, down to the bridge. The pick guard and sound hole act as additonal, realistic accents for this handmade, aluminum piece.

Size: L: 6.0" / W: 2.0"
Care: Wash by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately - do not put in dishwasher.