Medallion Cross

The flower that adorns the center of this cross is a rosette, standing for the power of rebirth. Whether you are celebrating great achievements, new beginnings, or other blessings, this medallion cross by Arthur Court is a precious way to commemorate the day. The three-pointed tips represent the pope's three-tiered crown, used at papal coronations for many centuries, and the fleur-di-lis, symbol of the holy trinity, adorns the bottom of the cross to add a beautiful embellishment. This miraculous figure requires no polishing thanks to its hand-polished aluminum alloy construction, and each handcrafted piece is slightly unique. Its round base provides a stable foundation, and you can proudly display this Arthur Court medallion cross in your home or office as a reminder of the important things in life.

Symbolic of the Pope's three-tiered crown, relgious emblems adorn each point of this cross, while fleur-de-lis symbols highlight the circular motif in the center of this piece. The handmade, aluminum cross mounts atop an intricately-detailed base.

Size: W: 4.75" / H: 6.25"
Care: Dust with damp cloth. Will not tarnish