Mardi Gras Cake Knife

Celebrate Mardi Gras season all year long with this stylized cake knife from Arthur Court. The beaded handle has a textured grip, giving you a secure hold while cutting. The handle's multiple fleur-de-lis and cross symbols represent New Orleans and the holiday's religious history, adding a regal touch to your table setting. Cut into cakes with ease using the sturdy stainless steel blade of this 13-inch cake knife. The aluminum alloy material is buffed to a brilliant shine, making this Mardi Gras cake knife stand out on any buffet table. This beautifully patterned cutlery piece arrives packaged in a pretty gift box for the ultimate hostess present during Carnival season. Whether you host a Mardi Gras ball with a krewe down in New Orleans or simply want to celebrate Carnival anywhere at all, this Arthur Court cake knife is perfect for cutting the King Cake.

Multiple fleur-de-lis symbols display within the beaded handle, while a small cross just above the neck symbolizes the carnival's religious history. The sleek blade accentuates the textured grip nicely in this handmade, aluminum design.

Size: L: 13.0" / W: 1.5"
Care: Wash by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately - do not put in dishwasher.