Forest Wine Coaster

Marrying tradition, form and function, Arthur Court's Forest Oak Leaf Wine Coaster whispers the idea of a majestic Oak with a raised Acorn and Oak Leaf embellishment. Crafted by hand in sand-cast aluminum alloy, this coaster sets the mood while protectin

The perfect accessory for fall and winter parties, our Forest Acorn and Oak Leaf Wine Coaster is designed to be a perfect gift for any entertainer. Designed to hold a standard wine or champagne bottle, the sand-cast aluminum coaster has the added benefit of allowing you to pre-chill it in the freezer, which will keep most wines that need to be served cool beautifully so for over an hour. The coaster adds a bit of rustic forest to your décor with a raised acorn and oak leaf decoration that circles the top.

  • A unique accessory, a wine coaster is a perfect gift for those who love the fruit of the vine.
  • Designer Hand Polished Aluminum Alloy buffed to brilliant luster that never needs polishing.
  • As a bonus, coaster can be pre-chilled in fridge or freezer to keep wine cool during service.
  • Wash by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately-DO NOT put in dishwasher.
  • Comes in Arthur Court Robin's-Egg Blue Gift Box; A perfect gift for Hosts, Wine lovers, Friends.
  • Size:4.5"T / 5" Dia