Glass Butter Dish - Turkey

Introducing the Arthur Court Glass Butter Dish with Lid, a delightful combination of festivity and practicality. This charming 2-piece butter keeper features a skillfully crafted Turkey Knob, adding a touch of Thanksgiving spirit to your dining experience. Constructed from high-quality glass, the dish displays your butter with crystal-clear visibility. The durable base is dishwasher safe and resistant to chipping and cracking. The removable lid fits securely, protecting your butter while preserving its rich flavor. A unique gift for any occasion, the Arthur Court Glass Butter Dish with Turkey Knob is a Thanksgiving table piece that combines style and function. Enhance your dining experience and celebrate the season with this enchanting butter keeper.

Size: 6.75 Long x 5.5 Wide x 4.25 Tall
Care: Hand wash Lid - Glass Dish Dishwasher Safe