Elk Cheese Pedestal

Make a statement about your rustic, nature loving style when you serve a special cheese service or fancy dessert on Arthur Court's Elk Motif Pedestal Stand. A removable, round 10-inch diameter Acacia serving board finishes the stand, adding a dash of nature

A truly unique serving piece, you will not find another remotely like Arthur Court’s Elk Motif Cheese Pedestal. This stand is a conversation piece with the bonus of providing beautiful service for cheese or desserts. Figural elk heads with full racks of antler are spaced with acorn and oak leaf raised medallions around the bark like rendition of our signature aluminum alloy stand. A round, 10-inch diameter, chatoyant Acacia board fits well into the ring and removes for easy cleaning.

We suggest you oil the board one time before using your new serving tray using food grade mineral oil. Brush on a thick coat of oil, let it sit overnight and then wipe away thoroughly. Your board will be prepared for years of service. Oil one or more times yearly to keep the board in excellent condition.

Size: 3"T / 12"Dia / 10" Board
Care: Hand wash with mild dish soap; dry immediately-DO NOT put in dishwasher. Use Mineral Oil 1x yearly.