Glass Butter Dish - Elk

Introducing the Arthur Court Glass Butter Dish with Lid - a captivating fusion of rustic charm and practicality, perfect for your cabin or lodge table setting. This striking 2-piece butter keeper is designed to cover and hold a standard stick of butter, ensuring that it stays fresh and ready for every meal. The focal point of this exceptional piece is the intricately crafted Elk Head Knob, a stunning representation of the majesty of the great outdoors. The lifelike elk head not only serves as a functional handle but also adds an alluring touch of wilderness to your dining experience. Made from top-quality glass, this butter dish offers crystal-clear visibility of your butter, allowing you to easily monitor the remaining quantity without lifting the lid. The robust glass base is dishwasher safe and designed to resist chipping and cracking, ensuring durability for everyday use.

Size: 6.75 Long x 5.5 Wide x 4.25 Tall
Care: Hand wash Lid - Glass Dish Dishwasher Safe