Carmel Elevated Tray

Add height and interest to an elegant table or buffet with this elevated tray from Arthur Court's Carmel Collection. Inspired by the small village of Carmel-by-the-Sea at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, the gently scalloped edges of the serving tray and base echo the rolling waves at the seashore. Brightly polished aluminum makes even the plainest food stand out, and a sturdy tapered pedestal allows your dish to rest firmly in place. The tray measures 9 inches around and stands 5.5 inches tall, making it great for displaying a dainty collection of petit fours, a cluster of grapes and cubed cheese, or a homemade, fragrant pumpkin pie. The Carmel Collection includes serving trays and platters to complete your buffet. To care for your Carmel elevated tray, hand wash with hot, soapy water and polish with a chamois cloth.

Arthur Court’s wavy edged Carmel Collection is California inspired by the fairy tale village of Carmel-by-the Sea. Nestled into the rolling hills where California’s central coast meets the gentle waves of the Pacific, the magical hamlet is filled with storybook cottages wearing roofs that swoop and roll, echoing the undulating waves of the sea.

Size: 9" Diameter 5.5" Tall
Care: Hand-wash in warm, soapy water, dry thoroughly.