Antler Glass Oblong Tray

This oblong serving tray, crafted from heavy clear glass set atop brushed aluminum, features handles carved in the shape of buck antlers. It's a perfect stage to display a gourmet charcuterie spread or delicious cheese selection. Impress your guests with a woodsy-themed appetizer course or choose it as an eye-catching centerpiece for a buffet. The intricately crafted antlers are almost delicate at the tip, gracefully curving to sturdy bases and function as handles, so you can carry it easily from the kitchen to table. The smooth surface of the glass tray makes your food simple to display and serve. Easy to clean heavy glass make this tray an excellent vessel for both everyday use and festive occasions. The glass antlers are firmly attached to the tray and strong enough to hold the weight of heavier foods, such as a roast or a loaded crudite array. This lovely oblong tray is delivered in a gift box, perfect to wrap and share.

Intricately detailed antlers loop outside the tray to create handles, adding a rustic elegance. The lustrous, aluminum design shines against the glass base for an intriguing contrast.

Size: L: 19.5" / W: 8.0" / H: 2.0"
Care: Wash aluminum by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately