Salmon Glass Platter

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Versatile salmon love salty seas and fresh water rivers equally, and this Arthur Court salmon glass platter provides a stylish way to serve up the catch of the day. This 20 x 11.5-inch serving plate has enough space for smoked, baked or broiled salmon surrounded by fresh veggies or potatoes. Its thick glass with trapped bubbles and wavy surface bring to mind the sunlit waterways salmon travel as they return home to spawn. Tarnish-resistant salmon made of polished aluminum adorn each end, and their sculpted scales help you grip the laden platter as you transport dinner from the stove to the dining table to feed hungry friends and family. If you'd rather use this salmon glass platter from Arthur Court as a decorative commemoration of your personal fishing lure, it won't disappoint. Raised in relief, a majestic salmon appears to be swimming in the flat portion of the green-tinted glass and creates an appealing focal point for your den or bar area.

Handmade, aluminum salmon rest on either side of this piece as they seemingly talk to their brother in the glass. The fish display tremendous detail in their scaly bodies and patterned tails. This versatile platter is perfect for seafood or any other buffet-style entrée.

L: 20.0" / W: 11.5"