Turkey Carving Set

Arthur Court's unique Thanksgiving carving set features a profile of the great fowl with detailed and variegated feathers cast in signature Arthur Court aluminum alloy. The fork tine head and knife blade are high quality forged stainless steel crafted to

Thanksgiving guests will gobble up turkey carved with our aluminum handled forged stainless steel Turkey Carving set while remarking on the clever and amusing tableware. The handles, cast in signature Arthur Court aluminum alloy portray the feathered head of this proud American bird. To guarantee you will use this set year after year, the fork head and knife blade are made of high quality forged stainless steel. A unique and lasting gift to thank holiday hosts, you know you want a set for yourself as well.

Size: 12"L / 2"W / 2"T
Care: Wash by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately - DO NOT put in dishwasher.