It's the little things

November 02, 2017 2 min read

A week or so ago we got a call from one of our customers, Marcy.

She and her husband had survived Hurricane Harvey but their home had not. It will take them a year to rebuild.

She was happy that most of her Arthur Court collection had been stored high enough it was not damaged but sadly, her Grape pattern napkin holder had lost the matching napkin weight she had for it. She wanted to purchase another one. It wasn't easy to tell her that we no longer make them but she understood and said she would think about purchasing one of the weights we do still make.

After I finished the call with her, I decided to check with our warehouse to see if we could find one napkin weight of a style that would match her box.

Nancy and Candi set off on the hunt and quickly found a pewter leaf that had detached from a Vagabond House product. It seemed as if it would make a perfect napkin weight.

Julie wrapped it and took it to the post office so it was on the way to Marcy. Today we received this lovely note

"Hello to you all,

The lovely leaf arrived and it is perfect and I love it!  You have all been so kind and caring.  Thank you.  Every time I look at the napkin holder and weight, I am reminded that things will get better.  You all are WONDERFUL!

Best regards, Marcy"

This warmed our hearts and reminded us all that it is the little things we do that bring the best rewards and make being a part of Team Arthur Court such a pleasure.