Horse Pilsner

Gift your groomsmen or enhance your own bar area with this Arthur Court horse pilsner glass. This elegant, tapered piece is crafted from clear glass to showcase the color and carbonation of your beverage, whether you're enjoying a pale lager or traditional pilsner brew. It’s adorned with a highly detailed stallion head, which has a flowing mane and a proud posture for a true-to-life appearance. The horse head is handcrafted from sturdy aluminum that’s been buffed to a lustrous gleam, and the pilsner has a durable glass serving tray for a stable presentation. This Arthur Court horse pilsner glass is hand washable with dish soap for easy cleanup. It comes in a gift box so it’s ready for giving as is, or you can add decorative paper and a festive bow for even more flair

The head of a stallion appears in the center of this piece, its flowing mane and stoic posture giving this glass a handsome demeanor. The handmade, aluminum design illuminates brilliantly against both light and dark beers.

Size: Diameter: 3.0" / H: 9.25"
Care: Wash by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately - do not put in dishwasher.