Fleur-De-Lis Plate with Glass Dome

Our Fleur-De-Lis covered, footed plate is small but mighty attractive. A stylized lily design brings a royal flair to any room. Perfectly sized for 2-3 cupcakes, some special cookies, cheese or any treats for two. A heavy glass dome keeps out the air so treats remain very fresh while on display. Crafted in FDA-compliant sand-cast aluminum, this sumptuous plate boasts a classic silver finish on the base that lends timeless appeal. 
Fleur-de-lis symbols sit between heavy, raised lines on the edge of the dish, while a collection of intricately-detailed emblems all point inward as they rotate around the base. Topped with a circular handle, the thick glass fits seamlessly into the stand to create a tight seal.

Diameter: 8.0" / H: 8.0"