Fleur de lis Cheese Pedestal

Royally rise up a special cheese service or pretty dessert on Arthur Court's lustrous Fleur De Lis Pedestal Stand. The stand includes a removable, 10 inch diameter round Acacia serving board.

The royal French Fleur de lis symbol is a favorite motif in traditional homes through-out the American South. We think it is a royal expression of your style anywhere in the world. Arthur Court’s Fleur di Lis Cheese Pedestal Stand expresses your luxurious taste, providing an elegant service for cheese or beautiful desserts. Beading around the top and bottom enhances cutwork and raised Fleur di Lis symbols on the signature aluminum alloy stand. A round, 10-inch diameter, chatoyant Acacia board fits well into the ring and removes for easy cleaning.

We suggest you oil the board one time before using your new serving tray using food grade mineral oil. Brush on a thick coat of oil, let it sit overnight and then wipe away thoroughly. Your board will be prepared for years of service. Oil one or more times yearly to keep the board in excellent condition.

Size: Diameter: 10"
Care: Hand wash with mild dish soap; dry immediately-DO NOT put in dishwasher. Use Mineral Oil 1x yearly.