Grape Cake Pedestal Sheet

Display cakes, trifles or tiramisu with style and elegance on a polished grape motif dessert platter from Arthur House. This elevated cake stand is crafted from an aluminum alloy, approved by the FDA for food service and buffed to a polished shine. Large grape clusters define the stout legs, with leaves and coiled vines marching up the perimeter, while the tray itself has a slight lip to help tasty treats stay firmly in place. The removable glass liner allows you to frost a cake and then display it without marring your work. This oversized tray is well over a foot long, large enough to serve your next gathering — with seconds! If you don't have a sweet tooth, this platter makes an attractive display for sliced meats and cheeses, especially at a vino-themed party. The tray is lined with textured glass in an irregular honeycomb pattern, which is removable for easy hand-washing. Clean both pieces with soap and water, and then let it dry naturally.

Vines outline the border and legs of the handmade, sand-cast pedestal, while veiny leaves and bundles of grapes fill in the design. A rectangular, glass dish sits atop the piece, accentuating the brilliant luster of the aluminum base.

L: 17.0" / W: 13.0" / H: 5.0"