Grape Cake Knife

Cut wedding and other special cakes with style when you choose this beautifully detailed grape cake knife from Arthur Court. Intricate vines twine around the handle of the knife and serve as a base for the blade, while graceful grapes adorn the middle part of the handle, providing a sturdy grip when you have to get the cut just right. The stainless steel blade features clean edges for reliable slicing that puts you in control of portion size, and neither the steel nor the hand-polish aluminum alloy of the handle will tarnish over time. Easy maintenance involves handwashing with mild dish soap and hand-drying to protect the beauty and long life of this handsome piece of cutlery. Leave it in the included gift box to present to the bride or groom before the wedding.

Vines connect a leaf and a bundle of grapes together on the handle before running up the neck and infusing with the blade. Its clean edges and gleaming finish contrast beautifully with the movement and varied texture of the grip.

L: 13.75" / W: 1.25"