Octopus Treat / Cookie Stand

Discover the Arthur Court Treat Stand, a captivating fusion of oceanic elegance and practical design, standing at 4" tall with a 9" diameter tray. This unique piece features a meticulously crafted octopus base, each tentacle a testament to exquisite detail, supporting a small tray ideal for an assortment of petite treats. Perfect for elegantly presenting chocolates, macarons, or other delicate delights, this stand is not intended for full-sized cakes but rather for adding a touch of sophistication to your smaller confections. Crafted from high-quality materials, it's a durable and stylish addition to your tableware, guaranteed to enchant guests with its distinctive charm and artisanal quality. Elevate your hosting with this artistic, sea-inspired treat stand.

Size: 4" Tall 9" Diameter