Olive Wood Salad Bowl

Impress dinner guests with a colorful salad presented in this acacia wood salad bowl. Its decorative aluminum alloy stand is a branch-like circlet with four durable, handcrafted legs that feature olive branches with bits of fruit, making it a beautiful as well as sturdy base for the hardwood bowl.

The olive-patterned stand raises the bowl just enough to let the meal's salad course stand out from the rest of the menu selections on the table. The large wooden bowl is 7 inches tall, deep enough to hold approximately 10 servings of salad fixings. The removable wood bowl makes food preparation and cleaning easy. Consider using this versatile serving piece for other items, too, such as chips or bread chunks. A branch like circlet with 4 olive decorated legs supports our beautifully chatoyant Acacia wood salad bowl, allowing it to rise a bit above the rest of your table selections. The stand is hand-crafted, sand-cast Arthur Court signature aluminum alloy. The 7 inch tall wood bowl holds approximately 10 cups of salad mix. Customers also recommend this set for serving chips or bread chunks for dipping.

Size: 8"T / 12" Dia
Care: Hand wash with mild dish soap; dry immediately - DO NOT put in dishwasher.